Which is the Best Dental Splint? [SPLINTEMBER] – PDP038

2021 UPDATE: This blew up! I was inspired to create a flowchart to help with Splint Decision Making – download the flowchart by clicking here

Which is the BEST Dental Splint?

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It is finally SPLINTEMBER and we kick it off with an all time important question – which is the best splint for your parafunctional/bruxist/TMD patient?

Surely it’s a Michigan…right? Or maybe it’s a Gelb appliance? Or the humble soft splint…? Did I just say that?
SURELY it’s a A- Splint, B-Splint or a C-Splint?!

Well, I have an answer for you…it’s called the G-Splint!

The G-Splint* is the best dental splint there is.

There are so many factors that will determine this. In this episode, Dr Jaz Gulati explores many of the factors to consider for appliance therapy in the form of dental splints:

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • Is the patient symptomatic?
  • What is the ‘purpose’ of the splint? (Hat tip to Dr Michael Melkers)
  • What is the goal?
  • What about access, cost, airway, orthodontics and compliance with splints?

Protrusive Dental Pearl: A quick way to remove temporary crowns and onlays using a haemostat!

Tune in for the rest of Splintember where I will go deep in to different splints!

*The G-Splint is just a metaphor for splint provision based on the history, exam and diagnosis for your patient!

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Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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