Are Class I Molars Important? – PDP007

Is this a silly question? Now that I know the answer, perhaps so. But I do think that many students and GDPs fail to see the main role of Class I molars in a pleasing smile…

I am joined in this episode by Dr Mohammed Almuzian, Specialist Orthodontist and one of the best educators I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.

What we cover in this podcast:

  • What is the significance of Class I molars?
  • How you can calculate what the overjet may be if you carried out alignment only orthodontics in fraction class molars
  • Is there ever a suitable situation to accept a compromised orthodontic result? Does it always have to finish in Class I molars?

As promised in the podcast, here are some helpful links:

A guide for Orthodontists and Dentists for treatment planning Orthodontic cases: http://www.aviosanalyser.co.uk/

Dr Almuzian’s academy website: https://www.orthodonticacademy.co.uk/

The FAMOUS Almuzian notes which have been, to date, downloaded more than 350,000 times! https://www.orthodonticacademy.co.uk/almuzian-note

Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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