Welcome to my 2nd Interference Cast – based on Jordan Peterson’s book 12 Rules for Life.

David Bretton and I came up with our very own 12 Rules for Dentistry!

I had David come on for this because he IS Mr. Positivity in UK Dentistry.

We hope you find these relevant, engaging and ‘real’.

This is the audio version of my Video Podcast recorded earlier this month – if you prefer to watch the video (which I prefer, you get to see our silly facial expressions!) then you can watch it on YouTube or my Facebook page Facebook.com/protrusive or my IGTV

Rule 1 – See Everyone (and it’s not quite what you think this means!)

Rule 2 – Create a Positive Environment

Rule 3 – The patient in front of you is the most important person

Rule 4 – Don’t own the patient’s problem

Rule 5 – Do not care about your patients’ teeth more than they do

Rule 6 – Trust your gut

Rule 7 – Take time to take care of yourself

Rule 8 – Focus on your own journey

Rule 9 – Have mentors (it has never been easier!)

Rule 10 – There is no shame in admitting you do not know something

Rule 11 – If you’re not enjoying things, something needs to change

Rule 12 – Enjoy the present moment and the journey

Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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